• 30/11/-0001
    Adaptação baseada nos Ecossistemas (AbE)

    Aconteceu nessa semana (dias 7, 8 e 9 de abril) no IFPR Câmpus Paranaguá o curso de capacitação : Adaptação baseada nos Ecossistemas (AbE) como resposta às Mudança do Clima. Em todo o mundo as pessoas dependem de ecossistemas funcionais e dos serviços que estes proporcionam, tais como ferti...

  • 30/11/-0001
    ICIMOD: Special poster session for young change-makers

    A Call forSpecial poster session for young change-makers was launch, which will be part of the ICIMOD international conference on ‘Mountain People Adapting to Change’ scheduled to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 9 to 12 November 2014. 
    More information on the conference is av...

  • 30/11/-0001
    EbA as framework for natural flood management

    A recent article in the Hydrology Research journal, “Evaluating wider benefits of natural flood management strategies: an ecosystem-based adaptation perspective,” concludes that future Natural Flood Management proposals should be framed as ecosystem-based assessments, with trade-offs considered ...

  • 04/04/2014
    UNEP experts link EbA and poverty reduction

    A post by UNEP experts states that “healthy ecosystems can prove to be a win-win for poverty and for climate change resilience, while investing in ecosystems now can mean greater benefits and less spent on aid later”. Read it here:

  • 30/11/-0001
    UNEP policy brief on social dimension of EbA now available online

    The purpose of “The Social Dimension of Ecosystem-based Adaptation” is to address and raise awareness of the social dimension of ecosystem-based adaptation, focusing on social impacts of EbA and on social considerations in designing and implementing EbA. It can be downloaded from:

(App Store Available from February 15)



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